Asking myself if I’m going somewhere,
If I want to be free, if I want to stay here.             	
Wasting my time, stuck in shadows and fears,
Stuck in this little town,
Wanting nothing but leave.
Looking for reasons to be part of this circus
But I know this for sure, I don’t belong to this show.
There’s nothing for me,
I’ll guess I’ll be fine,
If I start to run I’m sure I’ll leave the world behind.
Now is the moment to come out with my best trick,
Now is the moment to make it all disappear,
Cut all the strings, so get me free,
Run out of here and start to breathe.
Begin a journey from everything that I know,
Where I can find a new place to rest my soul,
Where I belong,
Where I can feel myself at home.
Hoping for something better than what I’m leaving,
Better than all I know,
This is the time I should go.
I found the reasons that I’ve been looking for,
It won't be easy to go but I know, it’s my choice

Taking the chance to start all over again,
No one will know where I am, I’m not afraid to escape.
There’s nothing…
Now is the moment…
Begin a journey…